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All translations are performed by qualified translators with a strong translation background and the relevant industry-specific expertise who, after finalizing the initial translation, check their own work. An additional in-house review is made before delivery to ensure that all is in order and that the translated material is complete with no omissions or additions of any sort. Translation does not include a review by an independent reviewer.

Freelance engagement model: All our translators are freelancers who are native speakers of their respective target languages.
All have been subjected to a proficiency test that examines their fluency in their target (non-English) languages, their ability to transmit a message accurately from one language into another in a written format and their familiarity with the grammar, vocabulary and syntax of their target languages.
All have signed a contract with DataSource, which includes agreement to our quality standards, deadlines and terms and conditions, as well as a confidentiality statement.

Revisions: Revisions or adjustments are free of charge, provided that they are minor, that they are requested within a reasonable time of the completed translations being submitted, that they do not reflect changes to the original scope of the assignment, and that they do not require an extensive rewrite simply to accommodate different preferences, stylistic or other.

Additions and major modifications: Any additions and/or major modifications to the source material will need to be agreed upon by DataSource and may result in an addendum to the existing quotation or in a new quotation for the additional work requested.

Format of source material: The source material must be supplied in a readable, fully-editable format (as created in commonly-used Office applications). Should the source material be supplied in a format that is not ‘translation-ready’ or not directly exploitable, a fee may be charged for file conversion/preparation, text extraction and pre-translation reformatting.

Format of deliverables: All translations are returned in a readable, editable format, fully and properly translated and spellchecked. It is understood that translation does not include typesetting, desktop publishing (DTP) or design work of any sort. The translators will respect the original layout and overall presentation shown in the source material to the best of their abilities but the translated material may not be delivered in a ready-to-print format.


Independent reviews are performed by independent translators with the relevant industry-specific expertise, who examine the completed translations to ensure their suitability for the agreed purpose and their respect for the conventions of the industry to which they belong, and who recommend corrective measures when and where necessary.


Editing is performed by specialist editors who review written material in their respective expert subject areas and make all necessary changes (additions, deletions, reformulations, term substitutions) to conform to some agreed-upon standard.

Types of editing: Substantive editing: Substantive editing concentrates on the content, structure, language and style of a piece of writing. Restructuring and rewording may be performed for the purposes of readability, clarity, and cohesion (style and tone).
Copy editing (more commonly called proofreading): The aim of copy editing (or proofreading) is to remove all ‘surface errors’ from a piece of writing, language mistakes, inconsistencies or other errors of expression. The copy editor therefore concentrates on the details of language, spelling, grammar, punctuation, awkward phrasing, on achieving consistency of style and layout and on checking references, illustrations, tables, headings, sequences, etc.


Typesetting is the process of laying out a document in a particular format, usually in preparation for printing.
With our team of experienced DTP specialists and graphic designers, we regularly typeset brochures, packaging sheets, leaflets and user manuals. We can also create and/or edit user manual templates and technical drawings upon request.
Our work is carried out using desktop publishing packages (Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop).
We always send proofs for approval before running out a final version (proofs are supplied as PDF files). Each project is priced individually. Our written estimates will always specify how many rounds of revisions are included and state an hourly rate for changes beyond that.


We provide our customers with high quality multilingual voice-over products for corporate DVDs, TV commercials, documentaries, console games, audio books and other audio-visual media. We can also dub and provide subtitles for movies.
All our foreign language voice talents are native speakers and experienced language professionals.

Price estimates: Each project is priced individually. Our estimates are always inclusive of coordination fees, voice talent fees, studio and equipment rental fees and post-production (speech cutting and editing) fees.

Requirements: Customers are expected to provide a final script, properly proofed and formatted to reflect the media within which it will be used (DataSource reserves the right to edit any supplied script for clarity). Customers are also expected to provide a detailed brief on the specifics of the voice over project: scope of the project, voice over needs, voice characteristics, age, gender, etc.

Additions and modifications: Any additions and/or major modifications to the script before recording starts will need to be agreed by DataSource and may result in an addendum to the existing quotation, or in a new quotation for the additional work requested. Similarly, any additions to the script after completion of the project will be treated as a new project, and will result in a new quotation for the additional work requested.

Feedback period: Once the audio deliverables have been received, customers have up to 15 days to forward any comments. After this period, DataSource will not entertain any requests but will continue to assist in the best commercial manner.


We can perform software testing and language validation in 45 languages thanks to our team of 200 trained testers and linguistic experts.
We perform Quality Assurance for smartphone apps (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc), video games, educational toys, electronics and more.

Price estimates: Each project is priced individually. Our quotes are calculated on a half-day or full day basis (four hours and eight hours respectively) and are only estimates due to the many parameters that may influence the progress of any project. Those estimates are always inclusive of coordination fees, tester fees, testing facilities’ rental fees and daily testing status reports in English.

Testing time: Actual testing time is always that which is confirmed by the client when a project is commenced. Should testing time prove insufficient, DataSource commits to informing customers accordingly and in advance. Additional testing time may be allotted, if requested, subject to additional charges.

Requirements: Customers are expected to supply detailed testing instructions and product specifications, as well all hardware and software that may be needed for testing/debugging purposes. Customers are also required to inform DataSource of any changes in the project scope, testing plans or product specifications. Such changes may incur additional charges.

Cancellations: Projects may be cancelled or deferred but DataSource must be informed of such cancellations at least one day in advance. Cancellations received after this deadline may be subject to a cancellation fee.

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