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Voice recording

At DataSource International we have our own in-house recording studio, equipped with the latest technology, to produce a variety of high-quality audio mixes. Our professional multimedia team includes experienced sound engineers, dedicated support staff and a network of 300 voice talents.

We're not just a recording studio. We are with you every step of the way: we can create the perfect script for you, translate it into whatever language you need, and then record the audio right away – saving you time, hassle and money.

With over 10 years of expertise in translation, and a network of over 600 professional translators, we understand the challenges of localization much better than average recording studios.

Our Multimedia services
  • Voice-over
  • Musical composition
  • Sound effects
  • Subtitles
The applications are endless...
  • Radio and television commercials
  • Video games
  • Audio books and guides
  • Marketing and sales, product presentations on DVDs
  • Electronic interactive toys
  • Electronic dictionaries and GPS

Clientele and Expertise

Expertise comes with experience. We have plenty of both, after completing over 1,000 voice recording projects in many different industries. Our competitive pricing has made us a favorite choice of companies of all sizes. Some of our long-term clients include famous toy makers, electronic manufacturers and video game producers, reputable advertising agencies and publishers.

Some of our latest exciting projects include recording an audio guide in Chinese and English, distributed at the 2010 Shanghai World Exposition by a Fortune 500 company; translating and recording content in seven languages for an electronic dictionary; writing, translating and recording children’s stories in six languages; and translating and recording a webcast for the medical industry in eight languages.

Our voice talents

There's much more to voice recording than simply speaking into a microphone. Voice acting is exactly that – acting. It's a talent honed by hard work and experience. This is why over the past decade we have carefully selected and tested every one of our voice talents – all 300 of them.

With the help of our voice talents, we've created an online voice database to make it easier for you to find voices that match your needs.

Select your voice talent

  • 1. Please visit our online voice database to find a voice that matches your needs
  • 2. Contact our multimedia team to discuss your project with us: preferred voice, target timeframe, language, delivery format, budget, etc.
  • 3. Receive a personalized quote, usually within a day
  • 4. Confirm the project. After that, our multimedia team will take care of your project and provide you with updates on progress until final delivery

Quality is our priority

  • We only work with voice talents who are native speakers of their respective languages
  • Our recording studios in Hong Kong use up-to-date technology
  • We regularly test and upgrade our recording equipment to ensure the best sound quality
  • A designated DataSource Art Director is always present in the studio during recordings, monitoring the progress and ensuring the quality of every project
  • Sound engineers conduct thorough post-production checks on audio files

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