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Perhaps you've just developed a new electronic gadget and now need a software debugging service to make sure it is flawless. Maybe you plan to localize one of your best-selling products for a new market to maximize your return on R&D. Or you're weighing up whether to outsource software testing or keep it in-house.

Whatever you need, we have a solution for you.

At DataSource International, we perform software testing and language validation (Quality Assurance) in 45 languages. Using our fully-equipped testing facilities, DataSource's 200 trained testers and language experts can verify the linguistic functions of any product or software with interactive content, audio or written. We also perform Quality Assurance for video games, mobile phones, electronic dictionaries, car navigator systems, and educational toys. You name it, we check it.

One of DataSource's Project Managers will be the link between your R&D teams and our linguistic experts, delivering detailed bug reports on a daily basis, according to your instructions.

Why outsource software testing?

There have been plenty of studies from developed markets to show the benefits of outsourcing software debugging to an independent service provider – a separate entity from the software development unit. Obvious benefits include unbiased opinions, transparency, quality assurance, and lower risks. Less obvious (but no less important) ones are cost-saving and access to specialized testers.

If you are still not sure whether your company should outsource software debugging to a 3rd party or keep it in-house, you might find these reports on software development helpful.

Why choose DataSource International?

DataSource International is an independent software debugging service provider with unique offerings for companies of different sizes and within a variety of industries.

What we offer...

  • 1) A perfect track record

    Over 10 years' continuous practice in software testing, we have successfully completed project after project without a single post-release software failure. Our meticulous testing helps you avoid otherwise horrendous expenses for customer support or callbacks on defective products. Products that have been tested by DataSource include mobile phones, electronic dictionaries, educational toys, video games, GPS navigation systems, medical equipment, talking devices, interactive video systems, various electronic platforms, etc.

  • 2) Technical expertise -- especially in electronics, toys, and languages

    We are more than just a software debugging company. Our background in translation and years of working relationships with electronics and toy manufacturers has helped us create a well-trained in-house language team, available to provide fast and smart solutions to our software testers. If you need to localize a popular product for more markets with different languages, DataSource is the perfect choice.

  • 3) Competitive pricing

    Our fee structure is tailored to match the budget of software development companies of all sizes. With quality service and competitive fees, many of our clients have realized it makes more sense for them to work with DataSource rather than to conduct time-wasting, cumbersome software testing in-house. For large projects and/or longer-term partners, we'll be happy to offer discounts.

Quality is our priority

We apply rigorous quality control standards at DataSource International. Please read our full Quality Statement for more details.

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