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Desktop publishing

This allows your development teams to concentrate on other projects while DataSource's staff of professional graphic designers and typesetters do the work for you – saving you time and development costs.

What we can do for you

  • 1. We can edit all sorts of documents and graphics in 45 languages
  • 2. We edit and format your documents, or create layouts that are ready to print
  • 3. We provide publishing assistance for all your publishing needs
  • 4. We deliver the files on CDs, through our FTP site, or through emails directly to you, in all the main formats
  • 5. Layouts can be created in any language to suit your needs

Quality is our priority

We apply rigorous quality control standards at DataSource International. We ensure that all our work is proofread by our internal translation team to ensure accurate content and style – no matter what language we are working in.

Please read our full Quality Statement for more details.

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