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A smart ad creates more sales, a well-written research report convinces savvy investors, and a polished resume makes a candidate stand out. When it comes to promoting an idea, for companies as well as for individuals, we know how important it is to get the content and design just right.

At DataSource International, we have over 50 highly experienced and talented copywriters ready to help you. They are gifted and enthusiastic and they can compose, proofread and polish your content into sophisticated pieces according to your promotional needs.

We’ve worked successfully with:

  • PR/advertising agencies
  • Financial institutions
  • Law firms
  • The HKSAR Government
  • Retailers and manufacturers
  • NGOs

We've written and designed their newsletters, advertisements, websites, instruction manuals, financial reports, and legal documents.

In fact, one of our latest projects involved writing and recording an engaging audio tour guide for a Fortune 500 company – a big success at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Quality is our priority

We apply rigorous quality control standards at DataSource including experienced writers, and post-copywriting quality checks for all content creation. Please read our full Quality Statement for more information.

Matching your budget

Our flexible fee structure is tailored to match the budgets of corporations (big and small) as well as individuals. For your first order, you'll get 5% off as a welcome gift, and for large projects and/or longer-term partners, we'll be happy to offer discounts.

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