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Success stories

We have had the opportunity to work with world-famous, highly creative companies. Here are some examples of those putting their trust in us:

Auchan logo
France's second leading retailer
  • Since 2002
  • Translation of technical manuals and marketing material into 15 languages
  • Toys, electrical, electronics, IT, house ware, textile, food, etc.
Cinevision logo
Cinevision USA
US-based movie and documentary production house
  • Since 2012
  • Voice recordings for iOS children's applications
EFG Bank logo
Global private banking group based in Zurich
  • Since 2010
  • Translation of highly specialized banking documents
  • Foreign registration filings, fact sheets, etc.
Franklin logo
Franklin Electronic Publishers
Market leader in electronic dictionaries
  • Since 2003
  • Translation of database, product software and manuals
  • Voice recordings and debug of electronic products in 15 languages
French Chamber of Commerce HK logo
French Chamber of Commerce HK
The largest European chamber of commerce in Hong Kong
  • Since 2007
  • Translation of the French Chamber newsletters
  • Exclusive partner for all translations and type-setting needs
Frey Wille logo
Frey Wille
Famous jewelry manufacturer based in Vienna
  • Since 2010
  • Translation and layout of high-quality marketing materials for Asian market
  • Jewelry, luxury brand
Havas logo
Havas Worldwide
The world's fifth-largest global agency network
  • Since 2008
  • Corporate communication and newsletters for Havas clients, translated in European languages
Hearst logo
Hearst Corporation
One of the largest diversified communications companies in the world
  • Since 2010
  • Translations of press articles for various magazines
Hohenstein logo
Hohenstein Institute
Leading German research and testing laboratory in the textile sector
  • Since 2011
  • Translations of 1,000 pages of highly technical testing procedures from German to English
  • Chemicals and laboratory procedures
Jouéclub logo
Largest French toy store network with over 300 shops
  • Since 2002
  • Translation of manuals and packaging for French and Italian markets
Lexibook logo
International expert in educational electronic products
  • Since 2002
  • Creation of content, translation, recording, software testing in all European languages
  • Historical partner, integrated solution
L'Oréal logo
L'Oréal Asia
World's largest cosmetics and beauty company
  • Since 2007
  • Translations of luxury marketing content into Asian languages
  • Specialization in cosmetics
Metro logo
German retail powerhouse and third worldwide retailer
  • Since 2009
  • Translation of technical manuals and packaging into 22 languages
  • Extremely fast turnover without sacrificing quality
Monster Cable logo
Monster Cable
World's leading manufacturer of high performance cables and headphones
  • Since 2010
  • Translation of instruction manuals and marketing content in various languages
Sega logo
World-famous Japanese game company
  • Since 2007
  • Translation of content from Japanese to European languages
Siemens logo
One of the world's largest electrical and electronics companies
  • 2010
  • Translation and dubbing of an Audio Tour for World Expo Shanghai - distributed at the Chinese Pavilion
  • Voices in Mandarin and English
Simpson Marine logo
Simpson Marine
Asia's leading yacht broker
  • Since 2011
  • Translations of luxury yacht magazine
  • Highly specialized and demanding market in terms of quality
Sopexa logo
The benchmark agency for international marketing, specializing in food, wine and lifestyle.
  • Since 2011
  • Specialized marketing translations (food and wine industries)
Tag Heuer logo
Tag Heuer
Swiss watchmaker since 1860 and now a sought-after premium eyewear brand
  • Since 2011
  • Translation of marketing content
  • Eyewear and luxury
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