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Audio projects

Commercials, voice-overs, learning applications: you name it, we’ve done it, in just about every language.

After ten years and hundreds of projects working with international companies, we have a lot of expertise creating and recording commercially and critically successful audio projects.

Here we have selected some audio projects in different languages for you to discover:

Video Dubbing / Subtitling – Product & Service Presentations

Corporate Video – Esko Artwork

Translations of scripts and subtitles of an eight-minute corporate video into nine languages.
Recordings and post-production of nine videos to include all sounds and subtitles.
Click below thumbnail to view a one-minute medley of the nine language versions.

Video sample: Esko Artwork

Video sample: Esko Artwork

Vroom Planet Project – Smoby

Localization of French source scripts into Japanese keeping with the spirit of the videos and the cartoon- style dialogues. Casting for a series of 10 cartoons with a final selection of 15 Japanese voice talents. All sound and effects post-produced by DataSource.
View the Japanese video version by clicking the thumbnail below.

Video sample: Vroom Planet project - Smoby

Video sample: Vroom Planet project - Smoby

Audio Tour Guide

China Pavilion - Shanghai World Expo 2010 – Siemens

English and Mandarin Audio Samples – extracts from an audio tour introducing the China Pavilion in cooperation with Siemens for the Shanghai World Expo 2010.

Sample 1: English

Sample 2: Mandarin

Man Mo Temple – Hong Kong

Mandarin and Cantonese Audio Samples – extracts from a 23-minute audio tour of the famous Man Mo temple on Hollywood Road in Hong Kong.

Sample 1: Mandarin

Sample 2: Cantonese

TV Commercial Dubbing

TV Promotional Campaign – Dubbing - Lexibook - European Television Networks

Dubbing TV commercials for Lexibook’s range of educational tablets into English, French, German, and Spanish for popular European TV channels.




English - UK

Storytelling & Educational Content

Children Storytelling – Lexibook

Translation of 20 stories into six languages. Recordings into each of the European languages.
Listen to an extract of one story, "In the Forest" in different languages.

Sample 1: French

Sample 2: English

Sample 3: Italian

Sample 4: Spanish

Sample 5: Portuguese

Sample 6: German

Educational Toy – Silverlit

Funny cartoon characters played by our English voice talents.

Sample 1

Sample 2

Answering Machines

Answering machine - US market

Extract of a soothing American voice recording for a large answering machine system project.


DataSource Fun Audio Loops

Project 1: Funny Voices

Project 2: Story Telling

Project 3: Thank You Message

If you would like us to help you bring your creative audio project to life, please contact our multimedia team. We will get back to you with a personalized evaluation and quotation within a day.

You can also consult our online voice database to select in advance one of our many accomplished voice talents.

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