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Quality statement


We guarantee that all our translators and proofreaders are...

  • 1. Professional translators, native speakers of their target language
  • 2. Specialized in one or more industries
  • 3. Proficiency-tested using our proprietary DRS (DataSource Ranking System) quality assurance system

Using these three selection criteria helps us maintain a consistent level of linguistic excellence. But at DataSource International, we'd rather go the extra mile and strive for perfection.

That's why we use proprietary quality control measures to regularly test all our translators and ensure that their translating skills remain top-notch. That's also why our in-house professional IT team is constantly developing and updating our infrastructure to ensure a smooth and secure flow of information.

Voice recording

We guarantee that...

  • 1. We only work with native speakers in their respective languages
  • 2. Our in-house recording studios in Hong Kong use the latest technology
  • 3. Because nothing can replace an expert human ear, we offer a triple quality assurance: supervision by one of our art directors, post-production by a sound engineer, and linguistic validation

But that's not all. We regularly test and upgrade our sound equipments and software to ensure the best sound quality.

Software testing

We have ten years of experience in software testing and language localization for high tech products: electronic dictionaries and educational toys, mobile phones, digital products, software, and more...

  • 1. All language testers are native speakers of the language to be tested in your software, to ensure the highest level of accuracy
  • 2. Daily reports using our dedicated bug-tracking system
  • 3. Highest level of confidentiality guaranteed regarding all your projects


We only work with experienced writers, selected for their backgrounds in various industries and sectors: law, finance and banking, IT, consumer electronics, toys and educational products, communications and marketing...

  • 1. All of our writers have proven experience in one or more specialized fields
  • 2. Each project goes through various steps of proofreading and standardized quality checking before delivery
  • 3. A Project Manager will coordinate the project for you until you are satisfied with the final product

Desktop Publishing

We work with professional graphic designers and illustrators selected for their abilities and experience in their respective fields.

  • 1. We work with both in-house and external teams to best fit the project requirements
  • 2. We employ the latest and best in DTP software: PageMaker, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Corel Draw, Illustrator
  • 3. Each project is reviewed before delivery to ensure design accuracy and linguistic validation