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Our Philosophy

Our vision of our industry is based on three simple ideas:

One-stop shop language localization
Companies are going global, continually developing new markets in communities that speak different languages or dialects.
  • We provide the language resources that companies need in their bid to become increasingly global
Meaningful and accurate content
In our digital world, accurate and creative content is key to the success of any business.
Be it on a marketing brochure, on a website, in the menus of the latest mobile phone, in a video game or a sales contract, accuracy and sharpness is the key.
  • We provide precise and innovative original content in any language
Better technology, better speed
The volatility of markets and short lifecycle of products mean the turnaround time for projects is getting tighter every day. Speed is vital for a successful service company.
  • We use the latest IT and software technologies to respond quickly and accurately to urgent requests
  • We have designed our own processing and Quality Control tools, and also developed our own software TransIT, to boost our efficiency and accuracy both in the translation and recording industries

We believe in...

  • 1. Respect

    We put a premium on transparency and fairness. We hold our customers, translators, and partners in the highest regard.

  • 2. Excellence

    We bring pride to the linguistic services that we offer. We are language experts and our work proves it. This means we will always go the extra mile to improve the quality of our service.

  • 3. Humanism

    We believe in empowering people. We are a "human" company and we value the importance of exchanges between us and all our partners, clients and suppliers. Take a look at our team picture to get to know us better.

  • 4. Responsibility

    We believe it is our duty as a company as well as individuals to strive to build a better world.
    We always look for ways that we can help support charitable organizations and actions, whether small or big, local or international.

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